Special advisory for innovative businesses

Our specialty is to give legal advisory of excellence for companies from the international trade, SEZs, Crypto, and technology sectors. We want to improve the companies of tomorrow’s creation.

FTT Lawyers

We are a group of lawyers experts in solving your company’s legal and business issues in a new and fast-changing sector. Our team will give legal solutions and improve your company, even if it is based on a complex market.

Our lawyers will provide to your company support and advisory on regulatory requirements, banking and financial transactions, commercial disputes, complex arbitration services, digital transformation, and more.

Our team is able to provide special corporate, legal, and banking advice for companies that operate inside Venezuela.

Our Industries

We have a deep understanding of the legal and business issues facing our clients in our main sectors.


FTT Lawyers works with clients throughout the lifecycle of new Financial Technology (FinTech) initiatives, providing practical and commercially astute advice on operational and legal issues.


FTT Lawyers is a consulting firm with the expertise and background to bring your blockchain-based businesses to life with legal assurance for your expansion into the international market.


FTT Lawyer has first-hand knowledge of global supply chains, from extraction to end-user distribution and the regulations that exist along the way, which allows us to offer our clients legal solutions for all their trade needs, backed by international certifications of the highest level.

Economic Zones

At FTT Lawyers, we want to provide our clients with the necessary tools to take advantage of Special Economic Zones’ benefits to their investors at a national and international level.

Our services

We provide legal services to clients in sectors at the core of world trade.

Corporative Services

FTT Lawyers offers comprehensive and detailed advice on corporate matters to clients operating inside and outside Venezuela.

Regulatory Solutions

FTT Lawyers ensures that its clients have the proper hands-on and strategic support to comply with changing regulatory requirements and manage the risks associated with fraud, bribery, and corruption.

disputes &

FTT Lawyers provides clients with comprehensive counseling on contentious matters and specializes in delivering complex arbitration services in established and emerging markets worldwide, ensuring clients have access to expertise and experience when they need it.

Intellectual Property & Technology

We provide our clients with legal expertise in navigating digital transformation, helping companies across all sectors remain competitive, exploit new business opportunities and improve business resilience.

Banking & Finance

FTT Lawyers provides financial advisory on any doubts or issues your company might have on local and international banking and financial transactions.

We help scale your business
no matter its size